Keith Risbrooke

Keith Risbrooke has been fully engaged in various spheres of Business Continuity Management (BCM) over the past eleven (11) years.  He is a Certified Business Continuity Professional (CBCP) [2007] – (DRII) – ISO 22301 based.  He has also identified and documented business continuity requirements and developed and executed table top, call tree and evacuation exercises to validate plans.  Keith has had over twenty-five (25) year exposure in the Public Service, providing training and analysing/developing systems in most Ministries and Departments.  Automation of systems and disaster recovery efforts were a significant aspect of his tenure, as well as, implemented real time replication of the mission-critical operation providing high availability solutions for critical applications/ services to mitigate and or eliminate system down time.  This officer has established the Caribbean Regional Group of Utah-based FLEX Advisory group and represented the Caribbean at various conferences in the U.S.A.

Col. (Ret.) Dave Williams
Col. (Ret.) Dave Williams Former CEO National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) & Former Chief Disaster Management Coordinator Ministry of Local Government
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Owen Sandy
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Keith Holman
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Stacey-Ann Pi Osoria
Stacey-Ann Pi Osoria Managing Director PODS Marketing Mix Ltd Founder Emergency Management Association of Trinidad and Tobago
James Trim
Business Continuity SME
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Garth Vincent
Emergency Response (Fire, Hazmat, Rescue, and EMT), Industrial Health Safety Environmental and Crisis management Principal Consultant Business Crisis Consultants Ltd.
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