FB 33 Adjustable Flood Barrier with Mechanical Seals

With over 200 flood barriers installed island-wide since 2008, the FB33 has proven to be impenetrable flood protection by being put to the test in areas that experience extreme high-level velocity floodwaters annually such as in Port-of-Spain, Maraval, St. Augustine, Valsayn South and Penal.This unique, adjustable flood barrier provides effective flood protection up to 48″ in height for almost any door or other opening.  It is lightweight, can be deployed by just 1 person and creates a seal against pre-installed brackets and the floor surface.  The FB33 can save your home or business thousands of dollars in flood losses.

FB33 exceeds all government guidelines and rigorous, third-party FM Approvals® testing and certification.


The FB33 Modular Flood Barrier is custom built to the width of your opening. Depending on the specific nature of your installation, different brackets are used to mount the panel either between the door jams or face-mounted on the outside of the opening. The steel brackets provide a smooth and strong connection to the wall of the building structure.

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