PODS will work with your emergency management team to develop a comprehensive preparedness programme that focuses on identifying and assessing resources, writing plans, developing a system to manage incidents and training employees so they can execute plans.  Our expertise includes:

Emergency Management Plans

> Resource Management

> Emergency Response Plans

> Crisis Communications

> Business Continuity Plans

> Employee Assistance and Support

> Incident Management Plans

Testing, Exercising and Evaluation of Plans

Putting effective plans in place that can be easily operationalized is critical. Simply developing a plan that sits on a shelf year after year, can never be an effective plan. Truth is, it is no plan at all.  Prioritizing the review and update of the plan is just as important as its creation and is the only way to ensure that the plan will work

Testing and exercising activities such as drills and tabletop exercises are invaluable tools for preparing staff and testing emergency management plans. The organisational benefits to testing and exercising the plan include the following:

> Train personnel and clarify roles and responsibilities

> Reinforce knowledge of procedures, facilities, systems and equipment

> Improve organizational coordination and communications

> Evaluate policies, plans, procedures and the knowledge and skills of team members

> Reveal weaknesses and resource gaps

Our experienced team at PODS can design and conduct various types of exercises to suit your organisation’s emergency management needs and budget  incuding:

> Walkthroughs, workshops or orientation seminars

> Tabletop exercises

> Functional exercises

> Full-scale exercises

All FEMA-compliant exercises are designed to engage team members

and get them working together to manage the response to a hypothetical incident.

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