Stackable FastLogs for Wider Entrances

FastLogs Stackable Flood Barriers

Presray FastLogs are perfect for large openings such as garage doors and driveways that require flood protection exceeding 48” in height. With Stackable FastLogs, your barrier height is achieved in 6” increments by simply adding logs, one upon the next without the use of any tools. A watertight seal is created by the compression seals located between logs, wall jambs and floor surface. Additionally, when water pressure pushes against the barrier, it tightens the logs by transferring horizontal water pressure into downward pressure on the compression seals located across the bottom of each log.

FastLogs Stackable Flood Barrier exceeds all government guidelines and rigorous, third-party FM Approvals® testing and certification.


Each Stackable FastLog is custom cut and assembled to the exact dimensions of your opening. FastLogs are designed with a minimum 2 : 1 factor of safety based on material yield strength. FastLogs are mounted in front of the opening using Jamb Brackets mounted on the face of the building

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