Modern Self-Inflatable
'JUTE' Sandless Sandbag

Soak-a-Bag is a 1lb. lightweight, sandless JUTE sandbag that contains a super absorbent polymer which expands up 50 TIMES its original size once saturated with water.  It is easy to use, requires less labour than traditional sandbags and inflates in just minutes.
Jute bags have been around for decades and have been tried and tested for their robustness in the flood protection. The advantages of choosing a jute sandless sandbag over other sandless sandbags:

  • Greater moisture retention capacity, holds up to 6 gallons of water
  • It is a “GREEN” product that is environmentally friendly with bio-degradable properties
  • Fire Resistant Properties

During a flash flood SOAK-A-BAG can be used immediately, there is no need to fill a bag, just delpoy into position or pre-infate by wetting is. You will have a barrier in minutes.

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