The EOC provides a central command and control facility for decision-makers and response personnel to gather critical information, coordinate response activities, and manage personnel as the emergency situation dictates. A safe location equipped with effective technology allows for communication with staff and response teams. This will support the continuity of operation of the TTCIC and its members.  It should be capable of serving as the central coordination point for:

  1. All emergency operations
  2. Information gathering and dissemination
  3. Coordination with local governments, outside contractors, mutual aid and volunteer organizations

This organization is modeled after the Incident Command System (ICS).  It allows all involved parties to establish a common organization and terminology.


This course will outline the framework, components and process needed to manage and operate a local EOC to help ensure a safe, efficient and effective response to any incident in Trinidad.


  1. Process for Activation, developing activation timeline, and checklist for pre-disaster actions and protective actions. (4 hours)
  2. Equipping your facilitate, technology integration, redundancy of data (4 hours)
  3. Exercise activating your EOC (2 hours)
  4. Information coordination among your internal and external stakeholders before during and after a disaster (staff, departments, regions, leadership, volunteers) (3 hours)
  5. Media Coordination and Public Information (3 hours)
  6. EOC support to immediate response operations: Search and Rescue, emergency debris clearance, hazard remediation, evacuation and sheltering, emergency medical response and others.  This will also include a small exercise. (8 hours)

TOTAL 24 contact hours

At the end of this 3-day training, participants will receive a certificate of attendance and participants would have gained adequate knowledge to further develop and command his/her Emergency Operation Centre in their respective regions.